Lake Simcoe Heating & Air Conditioning will repair, replace and install ductwork in your home or business.

Our services extend from small residential to large commercial projects. Properly sized ductwork is critical to the performance of your homes heating and cooling systems.

Problems caused by improper duct sizing:

Oversized Ducts: By choosing ducts that are too large, you are providing a lot more area for the air handler to cover. As the system itself is not rated to move air that distance, much less air will actually make it into the various rooms that need to be heated. This leads to a dramatic loss in heat output for the heating system, which wastes money.

Undersized Ducts: Ducts that are too small for your heating system will result in an increase in static pressure. There are two consequences of this. The first is that your ducts will be much noisier than they should be. This should be easy to detect, as the noise is often so loud as to be extremely distracting. The second issue is that your system will have to work much, much harder to heat your home. The system will have to run longer and longer, to adequately heat your home, which will waste more and more money. Undersized ducts will also shorten your heaterís lifespan, as it wonít be getting enough air circulating through it to work properly.