Unit Heaters & Space Heaters

UNIT HEATERS (Reznore, ADP, Modine)

The comprehensive range provides end users, consulting engineers and installation contractors with the optimum unit heater solution whatever the application.

Extensive research and development has resulted in a technically advanced range of unit heaters that delivers the highest possible standards of energy efficiency and performance. Many of our high efficiency Unit Heaters qualify for rebates or subsidies from local governments or utilities.


Schwank’s low intensity, sealed-combustion radiant tube heaters are ideal for a wide range of heating applications with low to medium ceiling heights. These highly adaptable tube heaters provide the highest level of comfort and functionality.

Dusty or negative air conditions are no problem for Schwank’s infrared heaters since fresh outside combustible air can be ducted to the sealed burner for safe and trouble-free operation.

An easy and cost effective way to heat unconditioned spaces without the need of ductwork.

High & Low Intensity gas & propane radiant tube heaters by Schwank